Long-term research projects, accompanied by public programs

The regime of visuality and image production in Medieval Assam

Deriving the set of protocols forest cybernetics from the visual culture of Medieval Assam, in the period encompassing both the pre-Ahom (5th-11th C.) and the Ahom eras (12th - 19th C.). An independent research carried out together with Mriganka Madhukaillya, using writing and moving image.


ODD THEORY has been since the beginning an attempt to understand as well as to reconfigure, with the delicate means afforded by a small-scale initiative, the Romanian imaginary. It functioned as a learning and sharing tool, and in the current configuration succeeded in its initial bet of bringing together a community of curious and courageous people. The small following overlapped ODD’s general following, but also managed to stand out as a work group of hybrid practitioners, one that is slowly developing common tools and initiatives.



The project was based on the realisation that contemporary space where the individual may act/ that he is allowed to act in is a public one which in fact is governed by the rhetoric of the private. The public space no longer functions on the basis of negotiations between different individuals/ various groups, it is claimed by an abstract entity which is nonetheless humanised, a kind of moral absolute master, acting in its own interest, that of economic profit.

In the first year of the program, the stakes were to deconstruct private space, and in the second year, using the central concept of experience design (methodology and purpose), to build spaces able to perform such functions which in the process of deconstruction became relevant to the contemporary aesthetic, political, and social sensitivity.

The public program hosted by ODD featured numerous exhibitions, performances, reading groups, and other encounters, culminating in a series of publications. 

Who Cares? at ODD

Image by Wimo Ambala Bayang.

Who Cares?

Uncommon constellations, unmediated territories, common oddities. From Bucharest to Yogyakarta and back again, the research project spanning 2 years connected grassroots artistic organisations – ODD in Bucharest with KUNCI Cultural Center, MES 56 and Lifepatch in Yogyakarta – in order to trace new real and imagined lines of decolonisation.

Initiated by Cristina Bogdan and Adelina Luft, the exchange encompassed a series of residencies and public programs, as well as a bilingual publication that eventually needed English to meet in the middle.


East Art Mags

A content making and publishing platform, with the aim of rethinking the cultural logic of the East Central European region. It functions as a residency exchange, and cross-publishing & translation program among the 5 partners: Artalk (CZ), Artportal (HU), BLOK (PL), Kapitál (SK) and Revista ARTA (RO). Initiated by Klára Peloušková, Cristina Bogdan, Karolina Plinta, Gergely Nagy, and joined by Tomáš Hučko and Adam Mazur.

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